• MovieSom

    MovieSom is your own personal movie database. Add films to your watchlist so you don't forget about them later on. Or recommend a film or TV series to your friends. Ever lost a DVD because you could't remember who borrowed it from you? MovieSom keeps track of your entire collection and more. Much more. Like your personal statistics: how many times have you watched a movie and how much time have you spent watching movies altogether? Check it out, if you dare!

  • Pozzy

    Men vs. Women Which is the better sex? Granted, this game will probably not answer that question. But you can continue to discuss the subject, while you're playing Pozzy! Places can be conquered by men or women, depending on who check in more often. If you bring your friends along, conquering places and earning points in Pozzy becomes even easier.

    Discover new places Pozzy will introduce you to our players' most popular places and by playing you can increase a place's popularity as well. If you check in at a place that has been conquered by the opposite sex, this will earn you more points. These scores are shown in your individual rankings.

    How to play? Step 1: Leave the house (the first step is always the hardest) Step 2: Go check out any of your favorite places Step 3: Open your browser Step 4: Visit and start playing right away by tapping the blue button Step 5: Conquer the place Step 6: Profit! Yes, it's that simple.

    Privacy first We understand that privacy is important to you. Unlike most social sites and games, Pozzy only wants to know if you're male or female. Not sure? Then you're probably not old enough to be playing. Just your gender. That's it. No names, email addresses, or favorite aunts.

  • MovieSom Slack Support


    This is the MovieSom Slack support page.

    You can find information on how to install and use the MovieSom app on Slack on our Wiki page here: MovieSom Slack wiki

    If you find any issues when adding the MovieSom App to your Slack group then please do not hesitate to file a support ticket here.

    Try to be thorough when describing the problem you're experiencing so we can help you in the best manner possible.


    MovieSom team.